Whatever your requirements, as extension specialists, the team at Crawford & Co. Construction are here to help. When longing for more living space, people often decide to move. However, for those who love their home and current location but need additional room within their property, home extensions offer the ideal solution. Whether it’s a rear extension, side extension, single storey or more we will be with you from concept to completion. Not only can an extension improve your quality of life at home but it can also significantly increase the value of your property.

We transform homes, creating the perfect space for extra living. Our years of experience in the field shines through with our expert craftsmanship delivering quality results in every build.


Professional project management is the vital for the success of any build. We will plan, manage, monitor and co-ordinate the entire construction phase. Each project has a dedicated project manager who will be your key on-site contact throughout the build. Your project manager will be responsible for delivery the design, scheduling and supervising the works with the site team and will meet you on site regularly.

As well as your project manager you will have our office based team at your disposal, ready and poised to deal with any queries throughout your project.

We use a specialist project management software to produce dynamic timelines, log meeting notes and upload photographic progress logs, keeping the client in full control of the project. You can download the app via smartphone or tablet or log in on your desktop PC.


On project commencement we create a dynamic timeline that can be viewed as a traditional Gantt chart, list or in calendar view. The timeline highlights key client milestones and is dynamically updated to track any changes to the critical path. We will upload progress pictures, tracking each stage of the build and keeping you up-to-date. You will also have a reference point for managing your project cashflow as payments are documented on the software. Any variations to the cost of the project are communicated and approved via the software.

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